Rowley Turton (Ifa) Ltd

Bramcote House, Leicester, LE19 1WL
Independent Financial Adviser
Types of advice:
Online (Live chat, video, email)
Face to face
Minimum wealth (income/assets): £101, 000
Minimum pension value: £101, 000
Minimum mortgage value: £0
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Pensions & retirement
Financial planning
Insurance & protection
Tax & trust planning
Long term care
About Us
We are an award-winning, Chartered firm of Financial Planners with 25 years of experience.
In 1996, Rowleys (formerly John Rowley & Co.) and Alan Turton formed Rowley Turton (IFA) Ltd, one of Leicester's oldest independent firms of Chartered Accountants.
After winning dozens of financial advice awards and being shortlisted for more, we are now one of the leading firms of Chartered Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers in the UK. On behalf of our clients, we manage over £165 million.
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