You may see golf as a safe and calm sport and wonder ‘do I need golf insurance?’. It may feel like just another expense that isn’t really necessary. However, it might be wise to consider how much your golfing equipment is actually worth. If you were to add up the cost of your bag, clubs, clothes, shoes, GPS and balls you may find that you possess over £1,500 worth of equipment. This would be a painful financial loss should it be stolen or damaged.

Protecting your golf equipment

Although your home contents insurance will probably cover your equipment whilst it is locked away at home, standard contents insurance will not usually cover the equipment whilst you are out playing golf. Golf insurance is usually needed to extend this protection and will most commonly cover your equipment for repair or replacement new for old. Direct Line golf insurance covers golfing equipment whilst in your house, garage or shed as well as out and about and comes highly recommended by other golfers. This is a good option to ensure that your equipment is fully covered wherever you are.

What else does golf insurance cover?

As well as protecting your expensive equipment from the risk of loss, theft or damage, golf insurance will also protect you against third party liability. An unlucky shot could damage somebody’s property, for example their car, or even harm another player or spectator physically. A High Court ruling established that golfers could potentially be liable for third party costs incurred following a golfing injury. Without insurance you may find yourself liable for the legal fees and medical bills of the person who has been injured. This may seem like an unlikely scenario until we consider that 12,400 golfers require hospitalisation every year due to golfing injuries. And in 2007, £400,000 was awarded to a golfer after he lost his eye from an injury that was caused by a golf shot. These are excellent reasons for getting yourself insured!

Golf insurance usually also covers you for any bodily injury you sustain, and any club fees that you can’t pay due to illness or injury. Finally, golf insurance can help you celebrate by covering the cost of a round of drinks at the 19th hole following a hole in one.

How do I choose which golf insurance to buy?

You are free to choose independent direct golf insurance, and you don’t need to be a member of a club. The type of insurance you choose will depend on how much cover you need. If you enjoy travelling to play golf then it would be beneficial to look out for policies that offer golf insurance abroad as standard. If you enjoy playing golf with family members or your partner then you will find that some policies offer golf insurance for couples and other people residing at your address at a discounted rate.

Many companies offer golf insurance with free gifts, usually free rounds of golf or golfing equipment so it’s worth spending some time researching the best golf insurance offers. Carrick Neill golf insurance offers a comprehensive package if you are unsure exactly what you need. The insurance packages are designed for golfers by golfers and include worldwide cover, buggy cover, new for old and third-party liability as standard, so are an all-round safe bet.