If you’re wondering who the best annual travel insurance provider is then you’re in the right place. To come up with this list of insurers we have analysed over 200 insurers as well as collated information from Which? Boughtbymany, TripAdvisor, MoneySupermarket and whole host of other sources.

We don’t recommend individual providers, but if you are shopping for annual travel insurance, you should take a look at any of the following providers.


Saga has excellent customer service, excellent value for money, their policy is unambiguous, and they are very good at dealing with queries. Saga scored 86%, the top rating in the Which? guide to annual travel insurance.


LV has slightly worse customer service than Saga; their policies are somewhat more expensive, so they don’t have quite as good value for money as Saga. LV’s policy is pretty clear, and they are very good at dealing with enquiries. LV scored 82%, the 2nd place rating in the Which? guide to annual travel insurance.


Nationwide travel insurance also scores 82% in the Which travel insurance guide and are a great alternative to Saga and LV. Their customer service is outstanding they offer great value for money and a highly efficient at dealing with enquiries.


As can be expected from a brand like Marks & Spencer their travel insurance has an excellent customer service rating it offers good value for money and the policy wording is very clear.


Holidaysafe doesn’t excel at customer service, but their annual policy score is very high. The policy wording is unambiguous and, their pricing offers excellent value for money.


The Co-op has great customer service, offers excellent value for money and have very clear policy wording too.

When shopping around for an annual insurance policy, it’s important to look beyond the headline limits of medical, cancellation and baggage cover. The quality of the insurer their brand and its customer service are also critical considerations. If you end up paying slightly more for your insurance, it may be worth it, as in the event of an emergency abroad those few extra pounds spent on your policy could have been well worth it.

Higher quality annual travel insurance policies include:

1. Increased limits for items such as baggage, valuables, cash, or your passport.
2. Lower excess in the event of a claim.
3. More days abroad covered by your annual insurance policy.
4. Cover for higher risk activities such as cruises, golf, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, etc.
5. Additional protection for business trips as well as your holidays.
6. Insurance in the event of an accident in a hire car.
7. A 24-hour customer service line so that you can contact your insurer at any time across whichever time zone you may be travelling in.